Other Surgical Options

Spinal Surgeries

For patients with scoliosis or scoliosis due to degenerative arthritis, we can offer partial or fully minimally invasive approaches. If these approaches require open surgery, at least in part, this falls well within our expertise.

Options for minimally invasive surgery certainly also apply to neck and thoracic problems. These may include neck surgeries for neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, which may include numbness, tingling and weakness.

New – Robotics Spine Technique

Dr. Ly and Dr. Sweeney have been very happy to introduce the use of Mazor Robotic Surgery as an additional tool in minimally invasive surgery to South Florida.

Southeastern Spine Center has been evaluating this particular robot since 2006 and has been very proud to incorporate it into their vast array of operative techniques to provide the best surgical outcomes. In addition to clinical applications, Dr. Sweeney and Dr. Ly are involved in the development and design of new applications and advancing opportunities for use of the Mazor robot. details >>