Robotics Spine Technique

Southeastern Spine Center is very happy to announce the addition of a robotics spine technique to facilitate your minimally invasive surgery. Southeastern Spine Center has been a leader in minimally invasive surgery for almost 2 decades. Early adoption of new techniques after they have been proven, and developments of new technologies allows us to bring the most advanced care of spinal disorders to patients throughout the United States.

Mazor Robotics Renaissance

The Mazor Renaissance robot was designed for spinal applications only. It facilitates more precision in the operating room through preoperative planning and intraoperative execution of robotic guidance. It is used to treat multiple problems. It enables safer minimally invasive surgery. It is applied to the treatment of stenosis and scoliosis. It is also used to help treat spinal fractures in some cases.

Published results have shown higher patient safety, fewer revision surgeries, and fewer complications. If you are considering spinal fusion, whether for spinal stenosis or scoliosis, or have a spinal fracture, ask one of the robotics specialists at Southeastern Spine Center if the Mazor Robot can help you.

Clinical Advantages

  • Significant improvement of clinical accuracy
  • Significant reduction of use of fluoroscopy
  • Lower complication rates
  • Facilitation of minimally invasive techniques leading to:
    • less pain,
    • faster recovery,
    • faster return to normal activities