Minimally Invasive Options…

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New – Robotics Spine Technique

Southeastern Spine Center has been a leader in minimally invasive surgery for almost 2 decades.

Southeastern Spine Center was the first to use the “Spine Assist,” which was the precursor to the Mazor Renaissance Robot. This was performed in 2006.

Now we are pleased to introduce the use of a new minimally invasive tool. This is the Mazor Robotic Spine Platform. details >>

Minimally Invasive Options

Minimally invasive surgery utilizes a wide variety of access techniques, implants and surgeon skill to essentially make open lumbar spinal surgery obsolete. Typical open lumbar fusion operations require that the patient stay in the hospital two to four days and are often associated with blood transfusions and the use of large amounts of narcotic pain medications.

The minimally invasive approaches–which preserve the muscles in the midline of the spine–can frequently be done as an outpatient or as a one-night stay in the hospital. By achieving all of the goals of an open operation through essentially incisionless surgery, the pain postoperatively is minimized so that patients can go home early, take less pain medication, and return to activities sooner. details >>

Minimally Invasive Advantages

Advantages of having minimally invasive access versus traditional open surgery include:

  • Surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis
  • If hospitalization is required, it is usually only one night in hospital.
  • There is less pain postoperatively, which leads to the use of less narcotics and avoids problems associated with narcotic usage.
  • There is less scarring on the inside and there is no big incision on the outside.
  • There is less blood loss compared to open procedures. Transfusions are very rarely needed in minimally invasive surgery.
  • Overall, a quicker recovery period to get back to daily life
  • Reduction of health-care costs